Psilomethoxin: Newly developed psychedelic drug is the sacrament of religion members

The Church of Psilomethoxin asserts that by mixing the hallucinogenic substance 5-MeO-DMT, an unique psychedelic drug may be produced.

Members of the Church of Psilomethoxin have taken psilomethoxin, a recently produced hybrid psychedelic substance. The Church of Psilomethoxin's mission is to establish the drug as their sacrament, bearing the same name as the drug.

The group, which was established in 2021, has amassed a following online even though nobody knows if their mysterious blend includes anything unique. But now, as reported by IFL Science, scientists have tested the material for psilomethoxin signs after receiving a sample of the medicine from an unknown churchgoer.

The Church of Psilomethoxin asserts that by mixing the substrate of farmed magic mushrooms with the hallucinogenic molecule 5-MeO-DMT, which naturally exists in the lethal secretions of the Sonoran Desert toad, a unique psychedelic drug may be produced.

They write in the study, "This substance, known as psilomethoxin, is supposed to have unique features and effects compared to standard psychedelics."

They were motivated by Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin.

They assert that the concept for this procedure came from the well-known American scientist Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin, who is credited with creating hundreds of psychedelic compounds.

The Church of Psilomethoxin claims that it utilized this method to create its sacrament in late 2021. Shulgin proposed in 2005 that mixing these two drugs would result in a hybrid molecule.

As "the hypothesized process for synthesizing psilomethoxin within the mushrooms defies the known knowledge of psilocybin biosynthesis," the authors of the most recent preprint paper express doubt.

"No evidence to imply that the substance psilomethoxin is found in samples of material that the church is giving to their followers online," they concluded after analyzing their sample using UPLC-HRMS.

As opposed to this, they write, "the sample consists primarily of recognized tryptamines and other natural compounds anticipated to be present in dried Psilocybe mushrooms, notably psilocybin and psilocin, with a trace quantity of baeocystin."

Research Abstract:

The Church of Psilomethoxin asserts that by adding 5-MeO-DMT to the substrate of farmed Psilocybe mushrooms, psilomethoxin, the church's sacrament, is produced as a new tryptamine. Using in-depth analytical methods, such as ultra-performance liquid chromatography with high-resolution mass spectrometry, we explore the veracity of this assertion in this work (UPLC-HRMS). For comparison, real reference standards for structurally comparable tryptamines were employed. Our research found no proof that the substance psilomethoxin is present in samples of the literature the church is making available to its adherents online. Nonetheless, the sample's unmistakable presence of psilocybin, baeocystin, and psilocin suggests that the statements regarding the production of psilomethoxin may be incorrect. In light of public health and safety, the ramifications of these findings need to be carefully evaluated.