Bizarre curtain of lights floats across Hawaii night sky. What caused dazzling display?

Hawaii's night sky appeared to be covered with what appeared to be a curtain of brilliant green lasers, invoking images of extraterrestrial life amid the stars.

However, the strange lasers are really employed to measure Earthly characteristics. On Saturday, January 28, the "strange" blazing lasers were photographed by the Asahi Star Camera of the Subaru Telescope on Maunakea against a foggy night sky.

The crew said on YouTube, "Last night (early am 2023-1-28 HST) was foggy on Maunakea." "However, the Subaru-Asahi Star Camera recorded a really intriguing scene: green laser beams shooting out of the sky! Even though it just lasted a second or less, our attentive viewers did not miss the event!

The researchers said in the YouTube video's commentary that viewers afterwards claimed the lights were produced by a remote-sensing laser (an altimeter named ATLAS) from the satellite ICESat-2/43613.

According to a post on Facebook by the New Scientist, the altimeter can "measure glacier height, sea ice, forests, lakes, and more, and lets scientists track shifting ice sheets in Arctic and Antarctica regions."

Another unsettling apparition was observed in the night sky above Hawaii earlier in January. According to an earlier McClatchy News story, the launch of a new Space X satellite was the origin of a mystery blue light in the form of a vortex that was hovering among the stars.