Our Civilization Is Hitting A Dead End Because This Is the Age of Extinction

The Statistics Are Amazing. Extinction has arrived and is destroying our planet.

We're in the Age of Extinction, I remark frequently. Why does that matter? Well, quite a few things. Let's begin with only one. I won't use the term shocking much, but a report that was released today truly is. According to the report, animal numbers have decreased by 70% since 1970.

70% since 1970.

This information comes from the most reliable survey of its sort, conducted every two years. The World Wildlife Federation and the Zoological Society of London, two organizations that are perhaps the finest experts in their domains, carry out this work. To monitor the status of life on Earth, they create what they call a "Living Planet Index."

What is the condition of life on Earth? I'll first state their position, after which I'll state mine.

The alarming pace of decrease serves as a grave warning that the rich biodiversity that supports all life on Earth is in danger, putting every species at risk, including humankind.

"Nature is in crisis everywhere, including in the UK, and by doing nothing, our politicians run the risk of having devastating effects on people, the environment, and our economy. Without immediate action to rescue our climate, we are rushing towards a hotter globe where nature — and with it, our food, homes, and livelihoods — will be unable to exist.

Feel pretty bad? I'll now put it my way.

What is the condition of life on Earth? It is dying. We would consider anything to be extinct if 70% of it suddenly vanished in 50 years, whether it be us, other individuals, a particular race, or a nation. The situation of life on planet Earth is clearly in grave danger, according to the most recent study, and I don't think it's even slightly exaggerating to say so. Existential danger

The Age of Extinction has begun. It's not a drill, it's not a joke, and it's definitely not a game. And yet, our society and governments generally handle it that way. Because they probably have a rudimentary, simple way of reasoning, and it goes something like this: "Some creatures are dying off! What's the big deal, LOL?

To give an example, you may be aware of another recent story, this one humorous. Liz Truss, the next British prime minister, traveled to visit King Charles. And what did she get in place of a kind, joyful, shoulder-clapping welcome? "Back once more? Oh my goodness. Anyway…”

LOL. That is the icy shoulder's royal equivalent. And although you might not be aware of it, King Charles is a notable environmentalist. We may argue about the politics, but let's honor him for what he has accomplished, which is making conservation the world's greatest love. He is undoubtedly concerned about extinction, but for someone like Truss, it's a game. If even that, she was a political pawn to be used in the game of her less than outstanding accomplishments, such as devaluing the British pound and wrecking the country's financial sector. As a result, "Dear, oh dear"

Some of us understand. Sadly, a vast majority of us do not. In denial, we are. It is not noticed. We are unaware of the repercussions. Who has time to care about animals when our pop culture is so preoccupied with Instacelebs and superheroes that our media seldom covers it? So who really cares? What, then, could be a greater severe problem than the existence of life on Earth being threatened? Because, as I'll explain later, it also affects us.

This study should demonstrate that the days of ignorance, minimizing, and denial are past. Without a question, this is currently one of the most important concerns in deep history, not only in our time or even in human history. We are currently experiencing a mass extinction, and there have only ever been five similar events in the course of billions of years of deep time, according to numerous experts, including ecologists and zoologists.

In the blink of an eye, we are changing the delicate balance of life on this planet that has existed for centuries. not in a nice manner, though. in one that is utterly devastating. 70% since 1970 have vanished.

Why should it matter to us even if we acknowledge that the Extinction is a serious threat? Making a point to the wandering ape is difficult. Strangely greedy animals, we are. We walking apes are extremely protective of our own, but only within the narrowest moral boundaries—family, clan, and nation. In this period of human history, we don't even care about each other. It's not like every kid on the planet Earth has access to food, clean water, or even an education. So how can you make people care about something as impersonal and devalued as animals?

Extinction concerns more than simply "animals." Just consider your pet and best friend; I've placed it in quotes for a reason we'll talk about in a moment. My little cotton swab Snowy? He is a little man. I'll return to that, though.

Extinction affects everyone and everything, including people, not just animals. The last five major extinctions: why did they occur? abrupt climatic changes, generally of the getting-hot-really-fast variety. They forced animals to abandon their homes, move to the poles, dry up water supplies, and finally wiped off large portions of the planet's life.

That is exactly what is taking place this time, but global warming caused by humans is to blame. Even now, pollutants continue to flood into the atmosphere, raising the temperature. These temperature increases aren't dispersed equally; they are more harsh where the poles, seas, and forests are concerned. Mega weather has become a completely new type of weather.

The Earth is being cooked alive by us. And right now, our civilisation is in danger of dying out.

The foundational structures of our civilisation are under stress and are starting to fall apart as the earth boils. Rivers are drying up in China, Europe, and America. Megafires break out and consume whole nations, including France, Spain, Australia, and Canada. Huge portions of whole nations, like Pakistan, are submerged during biblical floods.

What does all that achieve? It causes massive failures in our systems. There is a water shortage in the American West. According to Pakistan's climate change minister, the country would be underwater for years. Imagine how much more you'll soon have to pay for jeans, bedsheets, linens, even tennis and soccer balls given that it is now the fourth largest supplier of textiles in the world, supplying everything from cotton to leather. Despite feeding a large portion of Asia, India experienced such severe crop failures this year that it had to cease exporting wheat due to a lack of supplies. Crop yields in Europe were double digits off.

All of this wasn't meant to occur until about 2050. In other words, climate change is now having large-scale effects because to the mega-weather that global warming is producing. And we are witnessing the collapse of civilisation as a result of those mega-scale repercussions. Our society is heading toward collapse.

Ask how much longer this can continue on if you have any doubts. This cycle of agricultural failures, floods, massive fires, and other natural disasters drives up prices and results in shortages. The economies are already in danger. The IMF and World Bank have both issued significant economic warnings. A mere 2022 has passed. It will get worse every year from here on until the foreseeable future.

Not just "the animals," though. though for us.

Just to make my argument more clear, allow me to continue. What will happen if economies enter "recessions"—a nonsensical phrase considering that the great majority of people already live on the verge of famine—or "much more instability and poverty"? Such economic environments cause rightward swings, but much of the globe has already swung far right, in an ugly, even obscene fashion, as seen in the election of Neo-Nazi parties in Sweden and Italy or the continued destruction of American democracy by Trumpism. Fascists, authoritarians, totalitarians, theocrats, and nutcases of every kind win at the end of this cycle of climate-induced chaos and poverty, and as people seek a strong hand, turn to religion, and are seduced by conspiracy theories, it's really game over for our civilization because there's probably no turning back from the combination of Extinction, warming, and neo-fascism.

That is the present-day future, in whatever form it may take. Until we understand the message.

Let me attempt to summarize that briefly. The earth's life is undergoing an extinction. The fact that more people undoubtedly believe in conspiracy theories like "the Great Replacement" than in the scientific, factual reality that an Extinction of life is taking place right now is a dreadful disgrace and a testimonial to the idiocy of our generation.

That, in turn, is due to the fact that individuals frequently approach problems like these with a comic-book mentality given our comic-book society. When you mention "extinction," kids will imagine a supervillain eradicating all life on Earth with some sort of immature superweapon before poofing up and disappearing. But scientifically speaking, that is in no way what a "mass extinction" signifies. It only indicates that a significant portion of life does, not that "all life dies." Things signifies that it happens gradually, at least to human sight, rather than all at once. And it doesn't suggest that a sinister supervillain is shooting a space laser at the Earth; rather, it indicates that the underlying reasons are more nuanced. But what about the fact that an extinction of life is taking place on our planet, which is quite real, factual, statistically established, and scientifically proven? Is it because of the comic-book mindset of our time? It is ignored. To most, it is not real. Just another stupid overstatement. I don't care! Hey, I have Instagram influencers to be obsessed with.

The irony makes me want to facepalm, and the idiocy aches.

I'll make a note now. Why is the far right so prosperous? Spreading and reiterating Big Lies—from rigged elections to irrational race genocides—becomes an obsession. While this is going on, the center left as a whole does not do a very good job of...confronting Big Lies with Great Truths. Think about how absurd and twisted it is that although the ordinary person won't give the Age of Extinction much of a signal boost, the average maniac will yell the Big Lie of the Day from the next rooftop...forever. Therefore, they triumph and we fail.

We are not doing enough to counter Big Lies with Great Truths, which is our job and obligation. So by all means, please share this article — or items like it, the Living Planet Index study, and so on — and talk about it with your friends. This is not because I want more readers or celebrity, but rather because it is obvious that we are woefully failing at this most fundamental task. We are temporarily moved when we read headlines and accounts like the one above, but we soon forget what we have read and wearyly go on. But in this manner, the world and the future are disintegrating.

We are currently experiencing one of just a select few extinctions of life on our planet.

Once you realize it, everything that this age has brought about should come into sharp, harsh perspective. Why are prices rising so quickly? Why do people seem to be going crazy? How come our systems are failing? Exactly why are our democracies in danger? Extinction is this. It just indicates that one type of life goes extinct, is ended, done, and permanently gone. It doesn't mean that all life ends.

A civilisation, at least one like ours, can barely hope to endure through such an event. since all of our essential nutrients come from life on the earth. We rely on it rather than competing with it. The trees provide us with oxygen to breathe, the fish keep our rivers clean, wheat is essentially grass, and so on. In that sense, the extinction of the creatures serves as a metaphor to what occurs to our organizations and systems as well.

Let's now briefly discuss the consequences of all of this in more detail. "The creatures." Does that truly describe them? The more "we" discover about "them," the more we realize that they are just like us in every way, including emotions, memories, and connections. It appears that every living thing is cognizant and aware at those levels. So what type of moral offense are we committing? Extinguishing untold billions of extremely sentient and aware lives, exactly like ours?

These kinds of moments shape who we are. Are we merely destroying machines that wander about like apes? Are we merely Freudian robots whose main instinct is the desire to die? We are the most destructive force the world has ever encountered, as you can see. Certainly not a living one.

The truth about us is being decided and exposed at this very time. If we achieve the higher morality and consciousness that are so obviously required to face the reality of this situation, rather than the comic book mentality that we currently inhabit, where the extinction of life on Earth isn't an existential threat because it's not happening in a cartoonish enough way, our civilization will survive. As true creators, builders, shepherds, and nurturers of life on this planet, we must transition from being consumers and exploiters to caring for our relatives and friends—trees, fish, rivers, and mammals—who look out for us and provide for us in return. The attitude of the industrial age, which says that we are in competition with everyone and everything, even other species of walking apes, animals, and environment, which is just there to be destroyed, doesn't work. It's completed. Over. It led to the location known as Extinction.

Our culture is coming to an end. Extinction actually is that. And it's up to us to either discover a way out or linger in this place for at least a century while contemplating what went wrong. People fall into destitution and cower in dread while lunatics of all stripes decimate entire nations and seize control of the government. Our options are still open. But even inactivity counts, as they say.