A quick look at the 2022 Nobel Prizes

The announcements for all but one of the 2022 Nobel Prizes have been made. Here is a look at the rewards that have already been revealed, those that will soon, and what comes next for the winners.


Ales Bialiatski, a jailed advocate for Belarusian rights, Memorial in Russia, and Center for Civil Liberties in Ukraine all received this year's Nobel Peace Prize on Friday. According to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, the winners "have made a remarkable effort to compile evidence of power abuse, war crimes, and violations of human rights. Together, they serve as an example of the importance of civil society to democracy and peace." The award was viewed as a stern criticism to Russian President Vladimir Putin's autocratic authority.


In recognition of "the daring and clinical clarity with which she discovers the origins, estrangements, and collective restrictions of personal memory," the Swedish Academy awarded French author Annie Ernaux the Nobel Prize in literature on Thursday. Ernaux, 82, has penned over 20 books—the most of them rather brief—that detail events in her life and the lives of others close to her. Her work depicts frank depictions of sexual interactions, abortion, sickness, and her parent's deaths.


In recognition of their work on click chemistry, a branch of study that may be utilized to develop better medications, Morten Meldal, Carolyn R. Bertozzi, and K. Barry Sharpless of the United States and Morten R. Bertozzi of Denmark received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry on Wednesday. Sharpless has received the chemistry award twice, most recently in 2001.


Tuesday saw the announcement of the recipients of the physics Nobel Prize: Austrian Anton Zeilinger, American John F. Clauser, and Frenchman Alain Aspect. The group received an award for figuring out how invisible particles called photons may still be connected to one another even though they are far apart.


The first Nobel prize to be announced is often the medical or physiology award. Svante Paabo of Sweden received the prize this year for his research on human evolution that involved examining the DNA of Neanderthals and other extinct cousins of contemporary people.


The Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, which was founded by the Swedish central bank in 1968 but is not an original Nobel Prize, will be announced on Monday.


On December 10, the anniversary of the award's creator Alfred Nobel's passing in 1896, awarding ceremonies are conducted to present winners with their honors. The award consists of a diploma, a gold medal, and 10 million Swedish kronor (about $900,000) in cash. In accordance with Nobel's desires, the other prizes are presented in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, while the Nobel Peace Prize is given out in Oslo, the capital of Norway.