Japanese Company Plans To Build A Space Elevator By 2050

According to the Japanese corporation Obayashi, a space elevator will be built by 2050. The elevator will go 96,000 kilometers (60,000 miles) into space, carrying passengers and cargo to a brand-new space station. It will serve as a port for the transportation of personnel to Mars and other planets.

Deploying the cable and building the facilities make up the construction procedure. To define the construction methods and to identify the features of the cable, counter-weight, facilities, and climbers, an analysis of the cable dynamics is required.

The tension, displacement, and lengthening of the cable caused by climbing climbers, counter-weight and cable masses, wind, and fixed loads of facilities are among the parameters for the cable dynamics. We created the system and established the building procedure using a computer simulation of the equations of motion. ~Obayashi

To discover more about their model, view the video below.